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   Predictive Dialer Systems by Design To Increase Sales Production, Supply Fresh New Leads Daily, and Place Your Business On Top In Your Market

 Predictive Dialer Prices Much Lower Than The Competitors!!!    

You No Longer Need To Pay a Fortune For Expensive Outdated and Difficult Predictive Dialer Systems When Our Predictive Dialer Systems Are As Low As $595.00 Per Agent With Installation & Training Available Upon Request

Automatic dialing systems come complete with - 
* Headsets w/mic
* Multiple Line Support
* Adjustable Outbound Routing
* Technical Support
Single-Line Predictive dialer systems come complete with -
* Dialing List
* Recordings
* Scripting
* Dell Powered
* Technical Support Multi-Line Agent powered Predictive dialing systems come complete with -
* Dialing List
* Recordings
* Scripting
* Dell Powered
* Technical Support

--- Predictive Dialer Systems - Auto Dialers - Telemarketing Systems - Call Center Software and Complete Systems - Lead Generation Systems ---

predictive dialer, auto dialer  and telemarketing/call center solutions

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   Predictive Dialers

Definition Of Predictive Dialer Systems:
A computer based dialing system that automatically places outbound calls via database interaction.
Predictive Dialers are telephone dialer systems that systematically places calls from a pre-loaded database list of numbers on a single line or multiple lines. Predictive Dialers detect answering machines and voicemail devices and will deliver pre-recorded messages if you choose, detect busy signals and disconnected numbers, and updates your contact management automatically with live agent interaction.
Predictive Dialer systems differ from Auto Dialers as these systems allow live agents to interact with clients and update all pertinent information related to their particular client as well as set callbacks, reminders, deliver emails and faxes, and perform 3rd party verification and recordings. Predictive Dialers are the most valuable marketing aid available today for Customer Relationship Management. Telemarketing has been the nation's leading source of business revenue for decades.
Recent legislation by the FCC and FTC has incorporated regulations with the new National Do Not Call Registry as well as the Telemarketing Dropped Call Law and ALL of our Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer systems are fully compliant with these new laws.
Our Predictive Dialer Agent Station Deluxe and Pro Systems are commonly utilized in Telemarketing Call Centers but may also be of service for Appointment Reminders, Collections, Delivery Notifications, Emergency Notifications, Political Polling and Surveys, School Closings, and Weather Alerts. Please refer to our (click Here) Predictive Dialer brochure page for further information on all of our Predictive Dialer Systems.

   Do Not Call Compliance

These devices support built in "Do Not Call" list for adding any personal numbers you do not want to call, as well as for those people who are registered with the "Do Not Call" registry. The unit can also be used as an emergency notification dialer, lead generator, or to pre-qualify mortgage or insurance leads before you talk to the client.

   Auto Dialers and Auto Dialer Systems

Auto Dialer systems are referred to in many different terms such as auto dialers, automated dialers, telemarketing dialers, and predictive dialers to name just a few. Auto dialers will dial numbers automatically from a database, detect the difference between Live Answers and Answering Machines or Voicemail, and deliver a pre-recorded message. Auto Dialers can be sometimes confused with Telemarketing Agent Predictive Dialers where live human interaction is required.

Auto Dialers have many applications such as delivery of appointment reminders, absentee notifications, political surveys, and automated voice messaging to the elderly. Companies may also auto dial to their existing clients for product information updates, notifications, and collection services. The use of auto dialers allows your message to be delivered to the masses in a very short period of time and much faster than humanly possible.

Auto Dialer features include emergency notification delivery also. Any organization with an existing business relationship may utilize an Auto Dialer for customer relationship contact of any type, however, always be certain to check Federal and State laws for all applicable regulations.

   Agent Powered Predictive Dialer Systems

We have a three different types of Predictive Dialer systems available that will automatically call thousands of numbers, leave messages, get responses, or transfer to an operator for more information. Our Predictive Dialers can use ACT, Goldmine, My SQL, FoxPro as well as most other phone number databases. Our agent predictive dialers and power dialers let the operator increase efficiency dramatically without having to dial or even look up the numbers.

Our systems can also be used as an Inbound Message Center, an urgent notification system or a 90 box voice mail system. If used as an urgent notification system, the caller can leave a message and you'll be notified immediately, it will work tirelessly until it delivers your message to you. As a voice mail/answering system, it'll let you have up to 90 boxes that can each be set individually to play, record only or play, record and then notify you that you have call.

We have many products designed to integrate your computer with your telephone that are used by schools, churches, clubs, political campaigns, government agencies, businesses, professional telemarketing centers, temp employment agencies, as well as lead generation systems for mortgage or insurance companies.

Click our brochures link at the bottom of the page to see our full offering of predictive dialer and auto dialer systems, as well as voice messaging, and telemarketing software or to download brochures and manuals.

Training and Support for auto dialers
This program proves to be extremely beneficial for those who have no past experience with the operation or marketing of voice messaging or automatic dialing systems.
We'll travel to your location to complete setup, installation, and training for you and your associates even if you have multiple call centers.
Upon completion of this program you'll be fully functional and up and running the same day without having to study the manual and train your personnel.
get leads with our agent powered predictive dialer system
With our Computer Lead Generation System you now have the ability to receive the most highly qualified leads available today for a fraction of what you are already spending!
With the use of one of our predictive dialer systems, your computer has the ability to contact your target market by using our state of the art database which contains over 100,000,000 business and residential numbers that comes with our system.
Our database is updated every 60-90 days to insure the most favorable results.
Maximize your investments get a dialer system today!
Our unique approach to modernizing every aspect of your business communications program means that your existing systems, your new systems, and everything in between works together to create a flexible and up-to-date environment.

Your call centers will get the maximum performance from our Predictive Dialer systems and accelerate the return on your investment in no time.

   Political Dialing Services

There is nothing more important to anyone running for political office than getting their name out there.
However, with changes in campaign funding legislation it becomes harder and harder to do just that, with the use of our auto and predictive dialer systems you'll be able to realize your goals.

If you need help with your political campaign and you want to remain compliant with the FTC and the FCC, do it the right way and contact Call Center Consulting, Inc. today for a free consultation by clicking the image to your right and filling out the form at the bottom of the page, we'll get your call centers running and up to speed!

Political Dialing Services from Call Center Consulting, Inc.
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Disclosure of Liability: Purchaser assumes all liability and responsibility for the operation and use of auto dialers and/or predictive dialers. A violation of any telemarketing laws may result in significant penalties or other sanctions. Any person intending to use this product for solicitation purposes (direct marketing, telemarketing, etc.) should, prior to purchasing, read the federal, state, and/or local laws pertaining to the use of Automatic Dialing and Telephony software.
We are not responsible for any illegal or unethical use of our products.
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